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When Saturday Comes, 384


When Saturday Comes
The Half Decent Football Magazine
Issue 384, March 2019
48 S.

Mit dem Phänomen des Vlogging beschäftigt sich Cameron Carter in einem Artikel, onlinegestellten Videos von vor allem sich selbst im und rund um das Stadion. “Football vloggers are among those at the forefront of the amateur reportage movement, filming themselves on their smart phones, anticipating, watching and leaving the game. Their work falls into two main genres – groundhopping and superfan – with the former generally covered by middle-aged men in command of a certain income, the latter dominated by enthusiastic teenagers and 20-somethings of both sexes.”
Vlogger Benjamin Bloom schildert dazu in einem weiteren Textbeitrag aus seinen Erfahrungen aus eineinhalb Jahren, in denen er Vlogging betreibt: “YouTube is an unforgiving place – aside from the more brainless abuse I get about the length of my hair, the tone of my voice, or the colour of my jumper, any mistake or factual error is pounced upon in the comments. With this in mind you now won't see me at a game without a notepad and a pocket full of pens – I've been asked if I'm some kind of scout or agent working undercover many times since. I also get stick from Ipswich fans (sein Verein, Anm.) for sitting on the halfway line at away games, which normally means sitting with opposition fans, but again, if I'm putting my opinion online without video replays I want a good view of both goals.”

Das Match of the month bringt einem dieses mal im Heft zu Wycombe Wanderers gegen Doncaster Rovers, in der Serie über kleinere Vereine in großen Fußballstädten ist Belgrad an der Reihe und in der Season in brief wird die englische Division Four 1975/76 betrachtet.

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