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When Saturday Comes, 308


When Saturday Comes
The Half Decent Football Magazine
Issue 308, October 2012
46 S.

Das Problem der schwierigen und oft nur mehr kurzlebigen Identifikation mit Spielern in den flüchtigen Zeiten des modernen Fußballs spricht Gavin Barber in seinem Artikel über einen Matchbesuch bei Ipswich Town an:
In the pub earlier, I'd been talking to a friend, who'd just bought new replica tops for his kids. “They didn't know what name to get on the back,” he explained. “They were going to get Bullard, but...” The sentence trailed off, much like the Ipswich career of the spindly-legged Londoner who was recently released a year early from his £ 15,000 per week contract. It's a bit of a modern problem. The turnover of players at clubs such as Ipswich is so rapid, it can be difficult for any fans to idenity too closely with anyone in particular. In the ground, I see young lad with “Mick Mills” across the back of his shirt. In front of me sit two boys wearing Barcelona and Holland shirts, respectively bearing the names “Afellay” and “Van Persie”, neither of whom are likely to be seen around these parts any time soon.

Dazu gibt es u.a. Berichte über Neues aus den Ligen in Brasilien, Polen und Griechenland.

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