Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018

When Saturday Comes, 379


When Saturday Comes
The Half Decent Football Magazine
Issue 379, October 2018
48 S.

Freitagabendspiele sind im englischen Amateurfußball selten, werden aber mehr. “In 2015-16 the Eastern Counties League (ECL), home to clubs from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and eastern areas of Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London, commenced what they called an ʽexperimentʼ, with 42 matches that season played on Fridays across the league’s step five and six divisions. Attendances increased by an average of more than 40 per cent against the rest of the programme that season, and continued success in subsequent years indicates the novelty is yet to wear off.”

Weitere Themen im Heft sind Fanproteste in Blackpool (im match of the month gegen Portsmouth), Team Spirit in Rochdale oder ein Rückblick auf die Saison 1960/61 der englischen Division Two.

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