Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

When Saturday Comes, 359


When Saturday Comes
The Half Decent Football Magazine
Issue 359, January 2017
46 S.

Als Match Of The Month wird vom Spiel Kidderminster Harriers gegen Gainsborough Trinity berichtet, wobei das städtische Umfeld recht eindrücklich beschrieben wird: „Kidderminster was effectively destroyed in − and by − the 1980s. Once you could earn a respectable living making carpets, drop forging or processing sugar beet; now it's zero hours contracts in the shops on Weaver's Wharf, a retail park by the old canal where there used to be some weavers and a wharf. [...] Kidderminster Harriers are one of Britain's oldest non-League clubs, but in this notoriously moany town, civic pride is in short supply.“

Über die Verlusterfahrung, wenn der eigene Verein zusperrt, berichtet Mike Hodson: „My overarching feeling in the more than 20 years after 1995 was not one of depression but emptiness and anger about the disappearance of the club.“ Weitere Artikel beschreiben das Arbeitsleid eines Stadionordners, Probleme in Griechenland und Entwicklungen des englischen Fußballs in den 1890er Jahren.

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